Leg Veins Treatment

How Do Varicose Veins Develop?

Development of varicose veins is primarily determined by the individual’s genes. Pregnancy, oral contraceptives, weight gain, jogging on hard ground and high impact aerobics are other contributing factors.

What Is the Procedure Like?

Little discomfort is involved with this procedure. A concentrated salt and water solution is injected inside the vessels to induce formation of new blood vessels which are not normally visible with the naked eye.

Do I Need to Prepare For This Treatment?

Leg vein injection is performed more easily if the skin is dry. Starting two to three days before the procedure, bathe with a non-moisturizing soap like Coast, and discontinue applying any moisturizers on your legs. Bring along a pair of shorts to wear during the procedure.

Is There Anything I Need To Do Immediately After The Treatment?

Patients are asked to take a walk for about 20 minutes after the procedure. If at your consultation visit you were prescribed compression stockings to wear during the three days after he procedure, bring them along.

What Can I Expect After the Procedure?

The redness and swelling in the injected sites will fade away over the next 24 hours. Small bruise-like spots will clear up in about seven days. Over the following 6 weeks, you will note gradual disappearance of the treated vessels. You may note 30-90% clearance of the vessels depending on the location, type of varicosities, family history, oral contraception (estrogen) intake, history of prior sclerotherapy, level and type of physical activities, your age and weight. For more informations read the patient information sheet on sclerotherapy on Patient Handout icon of our website.

Can I Resume My Regular Activities After The Procedure?

You may resume your daily activities immediately after the procedure. Avoid prolonged jogging on hard ground, and high impact aerobics for about 10 days after the procedure.

Should I Be Worried If I Notice Any Blood Clots?

Two to three days after the procedure you may notice small blood clots in the larger blood vessels, an expected event in blood vessels that are larger in diameter than the capillaries. Blood clots feel like a hard linear cord underneath the skin. Because they are located in the superficial venous system, they are of no health hazard to you and will clear up on their own over time. Blood clots might result in temporary discoloration just like a bruise would do.

How Many Treatments Will I Need?

It is advisable to wait at least 4-6 weeks before retreating any injected veins, in case there has not been enough clearance. Repeat treatments may be needed based on the outcome of the first treatment.

Are There Any Complications Associated With the Procedure?

Two independent rare complications are: development of star burst blood vessels at a solitary injection site, and ulceration. Sclerotherapy outcome follows the bell-shaped curve pattern, similar to any other event in nature. 5% of patients will be thrilled, 90% will be satisfied to various degrees, and 5% will be unsatisfied with complications, 4% of which are complications that correct themselves over time and 1% (or probably less) are complications which may leave a long-lasting residual mark.

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