Skin Tag Removal

What is a skin tag?

A skin tag is a small, soft, and protruding extension of skin that develops on the surface of otherwise normal skin. Skin tags- medically known as acrochordons- are attached to the body by a thin piece of skin tissue, called the stalk. Skin tags may differ in size and appearance, and are generally smooth or slightly wrinkled. They are usually skin-colored or somewhat darker. They usually develop on areas of the body where the skin rubs on skin, or clothing rubs on the skin. The common areas are the eyelids, neck, under the arms, under the breasts and folds of the groins. The presence of numerous skin tags could be a sign of having had too many instances of high blood sugar that were followed by high levels of blood insulin level, in essence, a prediabetic situation. Rarely, multiple skin tags that are accompanied with darkening of the underlying skin are associated with an underlying malignancy inside the body.

Are skin tags cancerous?

Skin tags by themselves are not cancerous, and have, practically, no chance of turning cancerous.

What problems do skin tags cause or represent?

Skin tags can be unsightly, or uncomfortable. If the stalk of a skin tag was to be twisted, the capillary within it would not be able to supply blood to the tip of it. As a result the end of the skin tag begins to die off, and becomes very inflamed. The tip turns red or black. Eventually, the tip will fall off. A healthcare professional could shave off the inflamed skin tag, and relieve the patient.

Skin tag removal techniques

The methods to remove skin tags include:

  • Naturally occurring caustic compounds: Wart removal salicylic acid containing products, or podophylin can be applied to the skin tags.
  • Cauterization:This technique involves burning off the skin tag using heat, or dampened electricity. The skin can be numbed with lidocaine injection if the patient wishes so. It is fairly tolerable.
  • Cryosurgery:Freezing skin tags with liquid nitrogen could traumatize them enough to make them die, and fall off. This technique is moderately painless. But, to fully remove skin tags, more than one treatment may be necessary.
  • Excision:skin tags are cut off with a pair of scissors or a straight razor. The benefit of excision is that the growth is immediately removed, but it might result in slight scaring.

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