Repair of Torn Earlobe

To enhance the appearance or to make a style statement, different types of earrings are worn by women. But, the size, style and the weight of an earring can widen the earlobe opening. Torn earlobe can also be caused by large earring caught on clothing or grasped by a child.

Earlobe can be partially torn or completely. But, torn earlobe can be repaired completely, whether you have partial or complete torn earlobe.

Torn earlobe repair procedure

Commonly, the earlobe can be partially torn, so that the hole has enlarged, but not torn all the way through the earlobe. Whether the earlobe is partially torn or completely torn, the repair is performed under local anesthesia. After injecting the earlobe with a small amount of local anesthesia, the edges of the torn earlobe are made freshen by dermatologists by removing a small amount of skin. Then, using fine sutures, such as those used in a facelift, the earlobe is carefully repaired to reconstruct a normal and rounded earlobe.

What happens after earlobe surgery?

After the treatment, you can return home immediately. There will be a small bandage covering your stitches. The stitches from the earlobe are removed after one week.

When can I repair my earlobe again?

After the earlobe has healed and the scar has softened, it can be re-pierced in an area away from the scar. In general, dermatologists recommend waiting at least 3-4 months prior to piercing the repaired earlobe.

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