Volbella is a hyaluronan based filler with smaller particles than Voluma or Juvederm Ultra Plus. It is manufactured and FDA approved to be injected where a filler would be needed to be injected superficially in certain areas, such as under fine lines, or in the lips. In Europe, it is approved to be injected in the depressed areas under the eyes as well.

A small percentage of patients who had had Restylane injected under their eyes would notice puffiness under their eyes months after the area appeared perfect. The slightly noticeable puffiness would need to be injected with the enzyme, Vitrase, to dissolve some of the filler. That puffiness was due to the breakage of the Restylane particles by the enzyme that is ordinarily present within the skin, resulting in greater surface area on the Restylane particles to absorb water to themselves. Volbella is manufactured in a manner that it would absorb much less water to itself than Restylane. That is a probable advantage for patients who have had the volume under their eyes restored with Restylane, and months later experienced puffiness.

Is It Painful?

It is quite tolerable. Volbella contains an anesthetic that is called lidocaine. It is injected with a very fine needle. At Brentwood Dermatology, we apply numbing gel beforehand, and Dr. Silvers can numb the lips fully with a nerve block.

Are There Any Risks?

Similar to any other injectable filler, the injected site may sustain a bruise. If an area appeared overfilled after the initial mild swelling that resulted from the procedure, the site could be injected with an enzyme to partially, or fully dissolve the filler in a few hours. If Voplbella is not injected properly, or if it is injected very fast, similar to any other filler, there is a very small chance that it may end up in a blood vessel. Occlusion of a blood vessel with a hyaluronan based filler is exceedingly rare. A very small number of patients may experience excessive fullness months after the site had looked just fine. This reversible adverse event is very rare.

How Long Will It Last?

Similar to other hyaluronan based fillers the longevity of Volbella depends on whether the site has been adequately filled up, where on the face it was injected, and how many times the site has been injected. The resultant fullness is accumulative, that means the more frequently Volbella is injected at a certain site the longer it will last. It has been shown to last nine to twelve months for the first round of injection. On the day of injection, the site bears mild to moderate amount of swelling. Four weeks after the injection when the swelling has resolved, and what is left is the enhancement that the filler has added. The count down starts from then on.

What to Expect After My Volbella Treatment?

The lips would be moderately puffy for two days, unless only a small amount was injected to do more at a later time to achieve the desired restoration of fullness. The puffiness is not to any significant degree discernible or bothersome when other areas, besides the lips, are injected. The correction of the sunkenness under the eyes or fine lines is noticeable right away, but it can take one to four weeks to see the fully settled, and adjusted result.

The benefits of Volbella injection are:

  • Human skin contains the identical polysaccharide, i.e., sugar molecule, that Volbella is made out of.
  • It is reversible rather fast by injecting an enzyme.
  • It does not necessarily change a person's looks, but rather restores the person's youthful looks.
  • The injected filler induces a person's own soft tissue fullness; therefore, the more frequent a certain area is injected, the longer the gap in between the treatment sessions.

How Much Volume Is in Each Syringe?

Each 0.5 ml syringe of Volbella contains equivalent of two uncooked chickpeas.

How Much Time Does It Take?

  • To inject the lips with a 0.5 ml syringe: 20 -45 minutes.
  • To inject fine lines with a 0.5 ml syringe: 20- 40 minutes.
  • To inject the hollow area under the eyes usually takes at least 1.0 ml: 60-90 minutes.

Where Is Volbella Made In?

Volbella is made in France. Allergan owns the FDA approval to distribute it in the U.S. The European product can be imported from Canada at a cheaper price than the U.S. price. However, Dr. Silvers cannot trust the health of his patients with a product that might have been adulterated or is fake, so he only orders it from the U.S. supplier.

Is It Possible to be allergic to Volbella? Medications

The short answer is no. The gene that encodes the formation of hyaluronan is inserted in bacteria. The bacteria produce it in a Petri dish. The harvested polysaccharides off of the Petri dish are later spliced together to make a larger molecule that would be harder for the enzymes in our skin to break it down. Volbella is a unique form of cross linked hyaluronan molecules. Chance of an allergic reaction is exceedingly low. At this time The FDA does not recommend allergy testing prior to injection.

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